Linguistic nightmares on Pinterest

Pinterest nightmares

Photos as captured moments of a possible story can suggest all sorts of strange situations. The work above is part of a collection on Pinterest inspired by photos found on the Internet that made me think of unlikely if not alarming  outcomes, rather like dreams or nightmares. It seeks to bring together text and image in one of those unexpected lateral steps that characterise humour or discovery.

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A group in Saint-Blaise called Mille-Feuille is preparing an exhibition-animation for September 2015 about words and their definitions. Much of the work will be done with local school children and the results will be on show in shop windows in the village. I offered to take a number of their words and invent new definitions rather like Douglas Adams and John Lloyd in their book, The Meaning of Liff, and then illustrate them. Above is an illustrated definition I am working on. A ‘subrepticement’ is a tiny transparent animal that lives under the belly of larger reptiles thanks to suckers on its paws. Unfortunately its life span is very short and it has a reputation for telling lies.


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Môtiers 2015


Môtiers, Switzerland, periodically hosts an open air art exhibition attracting many contributions including some from well-known artists, although their work is not always the most interesting. This year it runs from June 20th to September 20th. I have posted a series of photos of exhibits in a gallery on Secret Paths Artworks. Here’s the link: Môtiers 2015.  While you are at the gallery, see if you can figure out which works are by ‘real’ artists and which are imaginary.

The work in the photo above is by Olivier Estoppey and is entitled Sur la route d’Ornans.

Storm over Saint-Blaise

Storm on the horizon at sunset

New photos in the Secret Paths Saint-Blaise gallery.

Ripples of water

Complex Weaver

Read more of Alan McCluskey’s short story, The Complex Weaver.

Mother Nature


Barley. Visit the new Mother Nature gallery.

Cold creeping in…


I was writing by my window which had been open for a while. Dressed only in a t-shirt and shorts I hadn’t noticed that clouds had covered the sky and it was getting cold. Unconsciously I must have known, because in my novel I wrote:

The moment they left the lush vegetation the temperature plummeted and the chatter of the jungle gave way to the howling of the wind coursing its way between the rocks.

Beyond silence…

The Chapel

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Hard times for Julius


Life’s not so easy for Julius, what with the cows breaking into the garden and him being knocked off his plinth. Not even Brutus caused so much pain and destruction! See other photos in the Snapped gallery.