Quivering expectancy

He halted in the doorway and breathed deeply. Such special moments needed to be savoured. A quivering expectancy hung in the air to which a fluttering in his stomach responded; excitement, anticipation, but some anxiety too. Like a faithful but shy friend, it only surfaced when he had the house to himself or was on one of his many lone rides across the countryside.

Peter arriving home in Boy & Girl

New in Switzerland gallery


I have posted a number of new photos in the Switzerland gallery. The above photo is the interior of a chemists at night. This particular chemists in Geneva has been open since 1680.

Pretty boy has a mind of his own

“Wow! Pretty boy has a mind of his own. You really are not interested in men?”
“No. I’m fascinated by girls.”
“Are you fascinated by me?” she asked shifting closer.
He wanted to move away, but he knew he couldn’t do that. He was embarrassed by the turn the conversation had taken knowing that Kaitling heard not only everything that was said, but much of what he thought as well. (…)

Fi taunts Peter in Boy & Girl

Only joking

“You can’t have him Mum, he’s mine!” Fi took hold of his hand and pulled him closer, adding to his confusion.
Fi’s mum chuckled. “I was worried Peter was still feeling a little weak from being so sick.”
“How did you know about that?” Fi asked, surprised.
“I came home early. Imagine my surprise to find such a handsome boy, one I’d never seen before, asleep on my daughter’s bed. He looked so tasty, I thought I’d have him for breakfast.”
Peter shuddered. Had he really escaped such a fate?
Fi snorted, furious, squeezing his hand so hard it hurt. “And you dare ask why I never bring boys back home!”
Contrite, Fi’s mother said: “Only joking.”

Fi and Peter talking to Fi’s mum in Boy & Girl

Inspiring massage

This video is a real delight, full of inspiration for a character, for a scene for a whole story. Source: Satish Bhaskar on YouTube.

Unpleasant Shortcuts


I think I may have been reading too many dystopian novels, if my latest flash fiction is anything to judge by. Here it is: Unpleasant Shortcuts.

Beware of shortcuts down deserted corridors. There may be a good reason why no one goes that way. You should know. Did you not stumble on an ex-lover drooling over a younger woman in a disused corridor? (…)

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Sweet befuddled

“Peter! Are you all right?” Fi asked, her voice full of concern, as she knelt next to him, her knees only inches from his face. His mind must have been befuddled because he wondered if he stuck out his tongue, whether he would be able to lick her knees. Her closeness was overwhelming. He shut his eyes and breathed deeply, only to have his lungs flooded by the smell of her soap. He felt assaulted in the most delicious of ways, as if she were trying to force a passage inside him by whatever entrance possible.

Peter regains consciousness to find Fi kneeling next to him in Boy & Girl.

On the first pages of a novel


Read a short article entitled Agents meet First Pages inspired by the recent Geneva Writers Group Meet the Agents day. It explores what is required of the first page of a novel.

(…) The fascinating thing about listening to so many first pages is that, in focussing attention on beginnings, it helps better understand the nature of a first page and what works and what doesn’t. (…)

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Photo: Caroline reading one of the writers’ first pages to an attentive group of agents and editors.

Pretty boy, pretty girl

Fi shook her head. “You need to be more careful, pretty boy.” She sat opposite him, her back leaning against the bathroom wall, cleaning the scratches on his arm.
Fi was much more like a pretty boy than he could ever be. He wasn’t sure boys were meant to be ‘pretty’. It sounded like it might be an insult, a bit like Mother’s ‘queer’.
“Why do you call me pretty? I thought the word was used only for girls.”
“Because you are pretty.” She laughed softly as she ran her finger along his cheek. “You’d make a very pretty girl…”
“You’d make a pretty boy,” he countered.

Fi talking to Peter in Boy & Girl