Beyond silence…

The Chapel

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Hard times for Julius


Life’s not so easy for Julius, what with the cows breaking into the garden and him being knocked off his plinth. Not even Brutus caused so much pain and destruction! See other photos in the Snapped gallery.

The Chapel


Read my latest short story entitled The Chapel. Here are the opening sentences:

The latch clicks shut as I pull the porch door closed and feel my way in the dark. A faint hint of incense hangs in the air, vying with distant memories of flowers. I catch sight of the stone font in the gloom and run my hand round its worn rim then, tracing the curve down and across its depths, I encounter water. Drawing back, I glance around, but no one is there to see. I pull a handkerchief from my pocket and hurriedly wipe my fingers then hold it to my nose. Despite the time, her scent lingers on… (Read on)

A Voice in the Storm


This new short story (480 words) was the third and final flash fiction started during the weekend workshop with EmJay Holmes. Entitled A Voice in the Storm, here is the opening paragraph:

The sun’s rays burst through the clouds and skim the ruffled waters of the lake. At the sight of a large villa, they prize their way between the half drawn curtains and splash light across a table set for two… (read on)

Keeping You a Secret

Keeping You a Secret

Read my review of Julie Anne Peters’ delightful book Keeping You a Secret. Here is the beginning:

Somewhere a reviewer compared Julie Anne Peters’ book, Keeping You Secret to Annie on my Mind by Nancy Garden. The latter haunted me for ages, so I had high hopes for Peters’ book and I wasn’t disappointed. The story is delightful, heart wrenching even, and the writing of it is well worth reading the book an extra time to get a closer look… (read on)



Branched out into SciFi with this flash fiction entitled, Encountered. Here’s the beginning:

The whir of colour wheels settled and a familiar sinking announced the return to gravity. Ahead the docking station took shape. AT381. Home. He let out a deep shuddery breath. He was almost there. Out of habit, he glanced at the screens. No one was following…. (Read on)

None of the Above

None of the Above

The challenge of being intersex, especially in a society that has great difficulties tolerating what is seen as a deviance, is a really interesting starting point for a novel. But ideas don’t always make for engaging novels. Read my thoughts about I.W. Gregorio’s book None of the Above.

Flash fiction with EmJay

IMG_6399 (1)

This weekend, organised by Joy Manné, there was a masterclass of Flash Fiction with EmJay Holmes. The topic of the  first day was Episodic flash fiction, which, despite the apparent dry nature of the title, turned out to be very stimulating and had me thinking about what drives a novel forward and how do transitions work. But more about that later.

New in the Neuchâtel gallery

Neuchatel Collegiale

See the new photos published in the Secret Paths Neuchâtel gallery.

The Remains of the Day

Remains of the day

Read my review of Kazuo Ishiguro’s book The Remains of the Day. Here is the beginning:

Ishiguro’s book, The Remains of the Day, is undisputedly rich and full. Maybe full is not the right word. Solid, perhaps, or dense might fit better. Whatever the word, my impression as a reader was one of physical repletion. So much so, I set out to understand why or rather how… (Read on)