The wet watchers

In that other world called the Reaches, a group of citizens are tasked with keeping an eye out for trouble. This elusive group hide in the shadows, sliding silently from one place to another… nothing goes unseen, except them … Read more about The Keeper’s Daughter, Book 2 of The Storyteller’s Quest.

New in Saint-Blaise

Saint-Blaise gallery

See the new photos posted in the Secret Paths Saint-Blaise gallery.

Handling complexity


I presented the opening chapter of my new novel at the fiction master class organised by the Geneva Writer’s Group last weekend. The main point raise by some of my fellow participants and Tim Lott, our teacher, was the complexity of my plot and story. They would have preferred something simpler. Needless to say, their difficulty raised many questions for me. I have written a short article about my interest in complexity and how it might be handled entitled: Weaving Complexity. Click the title to read.

Fiction Master Class


This weekend there was the Fiction Master Class with Tim Lott organised by the Geneva Writer’s Group with over seventy participants on the Saturday. A number of photos from that event have been added to the Secret Paths Geneva Writer’s Group gallery. The Sunday was dedicated to working on extracts from the forthcoming novels of twelve participants (see below).


Angry tears

Mia with Susie

Mia is there to accompany Susie when the pain and doubt are too great, just like Ma’gina was there for Mia when she was beset by self-loathing. Women helping each other in The Keeper’s Daughter,  Book 2 of The Storyteller’s Quest.


Writing writing

Rain in the Minster

The MInster

Sally, Professor Rafter’s new assistant, awaits the funeral of her predecessor who died along with over thirty other members of Sollarini Clan in tragic circumstances at the end of the previous book (The Reaches). As if the loss of her two best friends, trapped in the Reaches, is not enough to handle, she now has to deal with the evil spawned by the fall of the Sollarini Clan. Read more about The Keeper’s Daughter, Book 2 of The Storyteller’s Quest.

Reading at Payot

Alan at Payot

I found it hard to choose what to read at Payot. My allotted reading time was only three minutes. I thought of reading the beginning of In Search of Lost Girls when the ageing author is beset with troubles, not the least of which is one of his characters giving him a hard time. But the extract was too long. Then I thought of reading the beginning of the second chapter with the enigmatic first meeting of Peter and Andrew. The length was OK, but I was hesitant, mainly because it’s a delicate moment that is best not plunged into abruptly in a public reading. Finally, at the last moment, I opted for a short extract a little later in the book. Huguette suggested using a more emotional moment. So I did. I have too admit that often when I read this piece out loud it brings tears to my eyes. Anyway, I read the part where Peter sings Blake and, judging from the people who came up to me afterwards, it went down well.  I prefaced the extract by saying that you only need to know one thing, the two boys performing in the church are dressed as girls and if you want to know why, you have to read the book to find out. Here then is the beginning of the extract for you too read. Click here to read the whole extract.

(…)  Standing next to Andrew, seated at the piano, it was a relief to have a small space around him in which to move freely without fiery hands groping at him. Concentrate, he told himself, or you’ll be singing “Tyger, Tyger burning bright…” instead of Jerusalem. He smiled at the thought, mentally thanking Mrs Greengage, his English teacher, for his growing knowledge of literature. When Andrew began to play the opening bars, Peter took a deep breath, relaxed his shoulders and neck and prepared to sing. (…) (Read on)

Geneva Writers at Payot Rive Gauche

The evening's offering

Eleven authors from the Geneva Writers’ Group, all with recently published books, gave a public reading in the new English section of Payot Rive Gauche on Thursday April 9th 2015. To celebrate this well-attended event, some fifty photos have been published in the Secret Paths Geneva Writers’ Group gallery. Click to see all the photos and click individual photos to see a larger version.

English Books!

Here is a list of the authors and their books (in the order of reading):

  • Michelle Bailat-Jones, Fog Island Mountains
  • Carmen Bugan, On the Side of Forgetting
  • Peter St. John, Gang Warfare
  • Lesley Lawson Botez, Holding Out for a Hero
  • Massimo Marino, The Rise of the Phoenix
  • Patti Marxsen, Helene Schweitzer: A Life of Her Own
  • Alan McCluskey, In Search of Lost Girls
  • Daniela I. Morris, Collecting Feathers
  • Susan M. Tiberghien, Side by Side, Writing You Love Story, Footsteps, In Love with a French man
  • Leonie van Daalen-Röell, Go, Not Knowing Where
  • Roderick Vincent, The Cause

Susan and Xavier Huberson, head of the English section

Reading at Payot, Geneva


Payot readingFor more about Alan McCluskey’s In Search of Lost Girls see here.
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