Immortal No More


Having finished the draft of World o’Talesbook four of The Storyteller’s Quest, I immediately launched into writing book five entitled, Immortal No More. I have written a thousand words of the beginning which follows on directly from World o’Tales although that is not so evident if you read the short snippet below.

Here is a brief extract of the beginning of Immortal No More. Remember this is a first draft and (many) things can change. This scene is entitled Just another girl.

Jag sighed. Another girl. He ran a comb through her wet hair, tugging at the knots. This one might be healthy and surprisingly fit, and her dark brown eyes were attractive, yet she wasn’t what he’d call pretty. That high forehead promised intelligence, but that was hardly what was required. Couldn’t that self-satisfied pair of hunters not find better material? How many more botched specimens would it take before the Master and Mistress decided the poor quality was his fault and tossed him on the scrap heap along with the bones of all those that had gone before? 

World o’Tales

World o'Tales front cover 72x655x1000

After just over a month, I have finished the remaining two chapters to complete the 165’000-word draft of World o’Tales. For an alarmingly long time, I was unsure how the story would finish. The end was in a surprising minor mode a little akin to the end of Boy & Girl, with a faint ray of hope … You’ll have to wait a while to find out what happened. I plan to write the next book of the Storyteller’s Quest, Immortals No More, before editing World o’Tales.

Above is the future front cover of World o’Tales.

Autism and Chimera

When I began writing my novel Chimera – which is finished but awaiting editing and publication – I had no idea what I was embarking on. I had my own experience of being wrapped up in my stories and my worlds, missing out on what was going on around me, feeling worryingly absent at times around people. But from there to imaging myself in the head of a being who was totally unable to communicate with words and gestures was a giant step. My intuition was that seen from the inside Sam, my character, would  be wildly creative but no one else would know. What frustration. He had no iPad or computer to bridge between him and the world. To make things worse, or possibly better in the  longer term, he discovers he is a chimera, someone who shares his mind and body with another being. Sami, that other being, is quite the opposite to him. She is articulate, communicative and deft with her hands and feet. She offers him a chance to leave his long-standing isolation and span the gap to the world through her. But will he want to relinquish the security of the fortifications he has built around himself?

The video: a contribution from Apple to celebrate International Autism Day.


Gender is only a problem when others expect something different of you. (Photo: Elle Fanning in About Ray)

For more about gender, see my two novels: Boy & Girl and In Search of Lost Girls.

Printed proof of The Starless Square


Just received the printer’s proof of The Starless Square, the third book of The Storyteller’s Quest. You will soon be able to order your copy. In the mean time, check out the first two books of the series (The Reaches and The Keeper’s Daughter) or read more about The Starless Square.

Monday morning


Monday morning with wild words and a blood red cloth…

The end of a tunnel

Me-2016-01-09 smallI have spent the last couple of months recovering from two heart operations or rather from the side effects of some of the medicine I was prescribed. Now I am beginning to feel my old self again. During that period, one thing was able to rally my failing energy, that was editing The Starless Square, the third book of The Storyteller’s Quest. It is undoubtedly the best book I have written and reworking it gave me immense pleasure.The Starless Square

As I plan the publication of The Starless Square, which I have set for March 2016, I am surprised to realise that the last  novel I published was in 2012. I have not ceased to write during that period and now have five novels waiting for final edits, not to mention all the flash fiction published in the interim. No doubt all sorts of conclusions could be drawn from this four year break, but probably the most important result is that The Starless Square will finally be available, not only for those who have read the first two books of The Storyteller’s Quest, but for all those interested in my work or who enjoy reading a good story.

The Empty Box

Empty Box

Who would have thought that an empty box could cause such a stir? When George cracked a joke about just such a box, he couldn’t have imagined what was about to happen. Read my short story, The Empty Box to find out what occurred.

Mr. Hammer’s spell

Mr. Hammer

Mr. Hammer has a problem, several of them in fact, but nothing he can’t handle, until, that is, he finds an old red bag abandoned on his doorstep.  Mr. Hammer’s spell, 839 words. Here’s a short extract from the beginning.

Mr. Hammer thumped his fist on the local newspaper sprawled across the kitchen table. The blow made a satisfying thud. If there was one thing he couldn’t stomach it was bad spelling… (Read on)



Read my latest short story, Loooser, a dark tale inspired initially by work done with EmJay Holmes a month ago. Here is the opening paragraph:

The jagged edges of the corrugated roof snagged a plastic bag that had blown against the bus shelter. It flapped like an enraged bird. George knew what it meant to be enraged. He gripped the tiny box in his pocket with clenched fingers. ()