The end of a tunnel

Me-2016-01-09 smallI have spent the last couple of months recovering from two heart operations or rather from the side effects of some of the medicine I was prescribed. Now I am beginning to feel my old self again. During that period, one thing was able to rally my failing energy, that was editing The Starless Square, the third book of The Storyteller’s Quest. It is undoubtedly the best book I have written and reworking it gave me immense pleasure.The Starless Square

As I plan the publication of The Starless Square, which I have set for March 2016, I am surprised to realise that the last  novel I published was in 2012. I have not ceased to write during that period and now have five novels waiting for final edits, not to mention all the flash fiction published in the interim. No doubt all sorts of conclusions could be drawn from this four year break, but probably the most important result is that The Starless Square will finally be available, not only for those who have read the first two books of The Storyteller’s Quest, but for all those interested in my work or who enjoy reading a good story.

The Empty Box

Empty Box

Who would have thought that an empty box could cause such a stir? When George cracked a joke about just such a box, he couldn’t have imagined what was about to happen. Read my short story, The Empty Box to find out what occurred.

Mr. Hammer’s spell

Mr. Hammer

Mr. Hammer has a problem, several of them in fact, but nothing he can’t handle, until, that is, he finds an old red bag abandoned on his doorstep.  Mr. Hammer’s spell, 839 words. Here’s a short extract from the beginning.

Mr. Hammer thumped his fist on the local newspaper sprawled across the kitchen table. The blow made a satisfying thud. If there was one thing he couldn’t stomach it was bad spelling… (Read on)



Read my latest short story, Loooser, a dark tale inspired initially by work done with EmJay Holmes a month ago. Here is the opening paragraph:

The jagged edges of the corrugated roof snagged a plastic bag that had blown against the bus shelter. It flapped like an enraged bird. George knew what it meant to be enraged. He gripped the tiny box in his pocket with clenched fingers. ()

Gallery: Inauguration


The inauguration of the Place de la Gare in La Chaux de Fonds took place mid October 2015. It was marked by a display of slides projected onto surrounding buildings accompanied by music. See the gallery for more photos.

Avec une série de photos émouvantes montrant la Chaux de Fonds et son histoire, on a inauguré la nouvelle Place de la Gare ces derniers jours. Cliquer pour voir la galerie de photos

Umbrella People


Read my new flash fiction: Umbrella People. Here’s a brief extract:

Rain patters on the flagstones that pave the square. Rivulets of water converge forming ever growing puddles, till the place resembles an immense lagoon bordered by a forest of pillars curving upwards, arching protective over tables huddled like bedraggled lambs. ()

Short Story: Her


Read my latest short story, Her, sparked by an idea during a workshop given by EmJay Holmes. Here’s the beginning of the story:

Time to crack open my eyes, to yawn and yawn again, to stretch, to scratch, then pounce on the ball of wool sending it shooting under the bed. And I’m off, skidding on the carpet, slithering past the ball, almost colliding with the wall. Arching my back, I spring again, digging my claws into the woolly prey. It clings to me and we struggle. I roll on my back, splaying my legs, and wool tumbles over my belly. ()

A writing workshop

Here’s one way of looking at a writing workshop. This one was given by EmJay Holmes and organised by Joy Manne. It took place in Pully, Switzerland and the theme was: Crisis and the Dynamics of Desire: Developing conflict in fiction. Each photo represents the work place of one of the participants. If you want to see a larger version of each photo, just click on it.

IMG_1494 IMG_1495 IMG_1496 IMG_1497 IMG_1498 IMG_1499 IMG_1500 IMG_1502

Chimera draft complete

Back cover & spine

What photo do you use to signify that you have finished the first draft of a new novel. How about the back cover photo and spine?

Yes, the first draft of Chimera is complete. I finished it at 5:38 on Sunday September 27th, 2015, having spent a hour and a half in the middle of the night writing the last chapter. All of a sudden there was an urgency to finish and chapter one hundred seemed like a good round number to finish on. The story had been growing crescendo and something was bound to give. Even then, the end surprised and delighted me. I had feared the worst but …

I checked my writer’s log. I began the draft on Tuesday, February 25th 2014. In between time, I also edited and published In Search of Lost Girls. The draft has gone through three different titles before becoming Chimera, which is unusual for me. When I find a title, I stick with it. At one point, I ditched a 30’000 word draft to begin again. The first complete draft is around 130’000 words.

I have already begun a first edit while the text is fresh in my mind. There are various important things that need to be done. Once that is finished, I will let the manuscript rest for a while during which time I plan to publish the third book of The Storyteller’s Quest: The Starless Square.

Books in a library


Good to see some of my books in a public library in the States. This one is attached to a secondary school. Thanks to Ginger Dawn for nudging them into taking my books and for snapping this photo. If you would like to help by getting your local library to procure my books, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me if you have any questions (via the comments below). Click on the book names below to know more about the books: Boy & Girl, In Search of Lost Girls.