The Reaches – The Storytellers Quest Book 1

Book 1 - Revised edition

The quiet town of Avan with its port, its provincial university and its conservative seafaring folk would hardly be the place you’d expect to run into an adventure and frankly neither Brent nor Sally nor Keira were going out of their way to have one. At least nothing more than the occasional torrid love affair and the awkward self-questioning typical of many young adults like themselves. Sally was finishing her studies in the Theosophy Department of the University hoping to become Professor Rafter’s assistant. Keira, Sally’s best friend and lover, was a young librarian who occasionally sang in a popular folk group. And Brent was a would-be writer who couldn’t quite get his act together. When he wasn’t exploring his dreams, he spent hours wandering the streets and lanes in and around the town in search of inspiration. Yet unbeknown to them forces had long been at work that would throw them together in a series of adventures that were going to tax them to the extreme forcing them to discover gifts and to develop abilities that went way beyond what would seem possible. Their’s would be a voyage from the real world to the realm of dreams and on into another world called the Reaches that at first sight looked deceptively like their own.

The Reaches is the first book of The Storyteller’s Quest by Alan McCluskey. The second book, The Keeper’s Daughter, is also available. The third book, The Starless Square, will be published in Autumn 2012 and the fourth book, The World o’Tales, will be published in Autumn 2013. There should be six book in the series.

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