Chimera-Front Cover

Sam is twelve. He lives with his father, Jon. When he was little, his mother was shot by a sniper as  she tended victims of a plague that carried off over half the population. Son and father live in a protected enclave in a city laid waste by the riots that followed the Disaster. Jon does his utmost to avoid the dreaded food police. Food police?  Those who ensure that people eat only the synthetic food sold by the governing pharmaceutical industry and execute any who try to grow or consume natural food. They root out and eliminate anyone who practices healing or alternative medicine. They are constantly on the look out for those who oppose the regime or who are sick or abnormal. There lies Jon’s main worry. Sam is far from normal.  Engulfed in a world of his own and incapable of communicating with others, he is severely handicapped in his movements. As if that wasn’t enough, one day a voice erupts in his head, a voice that takes shape as a girl called Sami. In no time she wrests control from him, surprising Sam’s father and his teacher, Nan, by an unaccustomed articulateness and agility. Sam, who has lived in isolation is exposed for the genius he is by the only person who can bridge the gap between him and the outside world, Sami. When Nan learns of Sami, she is convinced the girl is one of those rare people that come into the world at key moments to change the course of history… and are invariably condemned because of it.

Chimera is my latest novel. I am currently working on the draft and have written over 110’000 words, that’s well over three quarters of the final book. At that stage you’d expect me to know how it ends, but I don’t although at any moment I expect to catch a glimpse of it round a corner. I suppose I’ll have to wait till the end to find out.

Update: The first draft of Chimera is complete, a hundred chapters and 130’000 words.