Stories People Tell

Stories People Tell is a new novel by Alan McCluskey, the first draft of which was completed mid-February 2017. It relates the tale of Annie, an unknown seventeen year-old schoolgirl , who gets caught up in a grass-roots gay women’s movement in their opposition to Nolan Kard, current Lord Mayor of London. A rich entrepreneur, turned politician, he is campaigning to ‘Keep London Straight’. His off-hand attitude, his tasteless humour and his widespread influence, especially within the police, are undermining the country’s longstanding institutions. Annie, who is normally shy and retiring, discovers she has far more talent than she imagined. Despite herself, she becomes the figurehead of the ‘London Whatever’ movement that rocks London and its certitudes, but in so doing, she becomes the number one target for Kard and his rogue police, not to mention his sinister gang of ghost writers.


William Horwood, the author, amongst other things of the Duncton Tales and the Hyddenworld novels, reacts on Twitter to a text describing Stories People Tell.

Other information about Stories People Tell

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