Geneva Writers group I read a short extract from a future book yesterday at the Geneva Writers’ Group. It was well received although some people were concerned about how I handle paragraphs. Conventionally, apparently, each time someone speaks you have to start a new line. I’ve never done that.

The photo is from the evening aperitif when there were readings from various members of the group.


Lac de Roy

I just created a new album entitled “Snapped” to display photos taken with my iPhone. The idea being to catch magic moments or unexpected perspectives that might normally go unnoticed.

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From gray to gold …


As I move forward into the next chapter of the fourth book of The Storyteller’s Quest, the light changes from red and gray to a sparkling gold. The heavy burden of enforced inaction and despair falls away and the sun comes out. It is time for the younger, newer characters to take over and make their mark.

A new home page and new navigation


I have completely restructured the material of the Secret Paths web site as four interrelated blogs with a gallery, an online store and a newsletter. The only part of the site that is not in the form of a WordPress blog is the home page above. As a result the material is much more interactive for the visitor and much easier to update and modify for me,.

Photo gallery

Earth begins

I have just created a new gallery-blog to keep you up-to-date with my artwork. For the moment I have posted my water pictures from my two exhibitions in 2009 as well as a gallery of pictures taken from my thirty-seven artbooks written between Summer 1981 and October 1997.

When I manage to get the NextGenGallery App working on my iPhone, I’ll also have a gallery of snapshots updated from day-to-day.

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Wild world

Just posted a new story called Midsummer on my Story Fragments Blog. It is inspired by the heights above Windemere in the Lake District as seen in the photo above. Here are the first few lines:

She pushed aside the soaked sacking that hung across the entrance to her rough stone shelter and peered out. She could make no sense of the all-too-familiar mountainside through the solid wall of rain. The longest day! It had taken a long time coming … (read on).

A welcome sight!

Now that’s a sight I like to see! Someone promoting my book!

And don’t ask me why WordPress likes to rotate vertical images setting people on their sides … If you don’t understand what I mean, trying clicking on the picture above.

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New blog: About Books

I have set up a new blog using all the short texts I have written about books I’ve read. I am going to add a full reference at the end of each text including the ISBN. At the moment I am writing the next contribution to that blog about Trudi Canavan’s book The Rogue. You can access the blog directly by the menu at the top of the page.