Boy & Girl

Boy & Girl

The story

When Peter awakes in the head of a girl, he is both delighted and alarmed that his secret yearnings have become reality. Very quickly, however, his error is apparent; this girl is not him. Kaitling –that’s her name– is twelve years old, like him. She’s the daughter of a magician, a prominent figure in another world. Boy and girl travel back and forth from each other’s minds, but have little time to get acquainted before The Resaches island is overrun by warrior priests and she has to flee. At home, a conflict erupts in Peter’s family forcing him to take refuge at a friend’s place. Meanwhile at school, a haughty new girl goads him about his girlishness and, spitting in his face, vows to rid the earth of people like him. The stage seems set for a desperate struggle to survive, but will ingenuity and youthful fervour be enough against folly and fanaticism?

Boy & Girl is a novel by Alan McCluskey. The book was published in September 2012.  This revised edition was published in September 2014.


This book is brilliant. I’ll be thinking about these characters and this plot for a long, long time. (…) the writer has crafted a wonderful story that I love, and I can’t wait to start reading the sequel. – Leland Dirks

This book was a wonderful read. Others have described it better than I can. I read it as a parent of a child who is considered “different” and found it great for many reasons:  1. It is great to have someone write a story for a younger audience about a boy who may be transgender and a girl who considers herself gay. 2. To demonstrate that sexual identity is not simply binary. 3. To open up the possibilities and reflect upon them, to allow for changes of mind. I liked the way, the young boy found support from other adults who appreciated him and protected him.Kate Lindley

Sample chapters

Read the first three chapters of Boy & Girl for free:

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three 

Where to get your full copy

To buy a print copy

If you live in Switzerland, you can order from Secret Paths Editions: You have the added benefit that you can request a copy signed by the author at no extra charge.



To buy in eBook format


Kindle USUKFRDEITES, JP,  elsewhere


Further information

Thoughts about Peter and his desire to dress as a girl in an article called Dressed in Girls’ Clothes and two articles about clothes and cross-dressing: The Gender of Clothes and What Clothes are Saying.


Here is a plan of Peter’s sprawling one-storey house:

Peters house
Click to see full size

The novel takes places partly on an island called Drailong. Here is a sneak peek at a map of the island. Beware though, maps of Drailong have a strange way of changing over time.

THe island of Drailong
Click to see full size

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