The Keeper’s Daughter – The Storyteller’s Quest Book 2

The Keeper’s Daughter

The Keeper's Daughter

The Story

It wasn’t Brent’s fault if he was stuck in the form of Jake the Owl, at least he didn’t think it was as he sat on a branch preening despondently. The threads of all his stories had become inextricably muddled in his owlish head. To think that he’d once prided himself on being a storyteller. His stories had become adventures and some of those adventures had become nightmares, and now he was stuck with them. He’d flown in search of his friend and lover, Mia. She’d been dragged off by a band of thugs just when it was time for them all to return to their world. Only Sally, their mutual friend and lover, had made it back from the world of the Reaches to their home town of Avan. Hearing her story, despite the dangers she’d had to face, her friends suggested Sally teach them to travel to the Dream Realm and beyond to the Reaches. The idea appealed to everybody. Not that Sally knew how to get back to the Reaches, but the idea of a ‘dream class’ as they called it pleased her and, above all, she wanted to return to the world where her newly-found half-sister lived and where her two friends had so abruptly disappeared.

The Keeper’s Daughter is the second book of The Storyteller’s Quest by Alan McCluskey.  The first book of the series, The Reaches, was published in Spring 2011. The third book, The Starless Square, is also available. The draft of the fourth book, The World o’Tales, is complete and the draft of the fifth book, Forget Me Not, is almost complete. There should be six books in the series.

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