Caitlin Castle

Caitlin Castle

A sketch as a part of the work on The World o’Tales, Book Four of the Storyteller’s Quest.

The Fall of Eden – exhibition now open!

The Fall of Eden
The Fall of Eden
 online exhibition is now open. Drop by, leave a comment or suggest a title for one or more of the photos and have a chance to win a photo of your choice from the exhibition.

The Storyteller’s Quest, Book 4

I have passed the half-way mark in The World o’Tales, book four of the Storyteller’s Quest. Chapter eight is finished and over 90’000 words written. Chapter eight was a key turning point, not only in the story but also in writing the book. There was a sudden, unexpected breakthrough of considerable violence that set things wildly in motion only to reach an emotional head and some form of resolution at the end of the chapter.

The Fall of Eden – an online exhibition, September 6th.

The Fall of Eden

The opening of the exhibition will be on Tuesday, September 6th 2011, on the Artwork Gallery. Join us then …

At the fringe

Motiers 2011

Photos taken mainly on the fringe of the Môtiers sculpture exhibition 2011. See more in the snapped gallery.


Twisted Paths

Read an extract from the first chapter of Twisted Paths, the first book of Beyond the Face of the World.

I have also added a brief description of Tammie and Angel, the main characters in Twisted Paths, as well as some information about the worlds they live in.

The World o’Tales

If you’ve read my post about the forthcoming publication schedule for Secret Paths Editions, you’ll know that the title of the fourth book of The Storyteller’s Quest is The World o’Tales. There’s no cover art as yet for the book, but I have already written just under half the book, seven chapters amounting to eighty thousand words. Lengthwise then, it is likely to be as long as book three, The Starless Square (162’000 words). The World o’Tales follows the adventures of Brent, Sally, Keira, Jenny and the others. It also paves the way for book five, the title of which I won’t give you just yet. If all goes well, book five will be available in print and ebook format in 2013. The World o’Tales should be published in Autumn 2012.

Snaps of buskers

Posted a number of photos of the Neuchâtel Buskers Festival in the Snapped Gallery.

Publishing schedule

Here’s the planned publishing schedule for books from Secret Paths Editions till the end of 2012.

April 2011 – The Reaches, vlm 1 of the Storyteller’s Quest (1st edition)

August 2011 – The Reaches, vlm 1 of the Storyteller’s Quest (2nd edition – mostly layout changes and a new cover)

November 2011 – The Keeper’s Daughter,  vlm 2 of the Storyteller’s Quest

Spring 2012 – The Starless Square,  vlm 3 of the Storyteller’s Quest

Summer 2012 – Twisted Paths, vlm 1 of Beyond the Face of the World

Autumn 2012 – The World o’Tales,  vlm 4 of the Storyteller’s Quest

The Fall of Eden

expo 2012

Took a series of photos during my stay in the mountains that I might use for a future exhibition. See the full photo here.