The Reaches – revised ebook version available

The Reaches - ebook cover

A revised ebook version of The Reaches is now available on Smashwords for $5.99. Here’s the link:

The version will subsequently be available on the iBookstore and Kobo.



Alan McCluskey takes a visit to the Matrix thanks to the Natural History Museum in Neuchâtel.

Dreams Unleashed

Dreams Unleashed

I saw Linda Hawley’s book mentioned on Twitter and was intrigued by the title, so I downloaded the Kindle version. It was the first time I had read a full length book on my iPhone. I found the story well written and gripping. I would willingly advise people to read it and I will certainly read the next book in the trilogy. Having said that, a couple of things troubled me in the book and in my relationship to it, so I will try to explore them in what follows. (Read more …)

Welcome to Clychau


Clychau is a small village nestled by a lake in the Welsh hills. It’s the scene of some of the action in Book Four of the Storyteller’s Quest. I am currently writing the fourth chapter of something like 15 chapters.

Here is a short extract:

On foot, they followed the road through the centre of the silent village, the echo of their footfalls ringing off the houses. Most of the rows of terraced houses made up of five or six lodgings ran parallel to the road but here and there the terraces were perpendicular to it. Anju was struck by the cleanliness of everything. The windows had been cleaned and the paintwork had been washed recently. None of the houses had gardens but Anju was sure that, had there been gardens, they would have been full of blossoming flowers. Midway through the village they reached a junction. The righthand fork continued on through the village and up an incline at the back where it came to a dead end. The lefthand turning headed down towards the lake.

They opted for the lake. The narrow road squeezed between two rows of houses, hopped over an abandoned railway line and came to rest in a large courtyard that scuttled all the way down to the lakeside in one direction and romped across to the massive doors of what had once been a foundry on the other.

“Welcome to Clychau!” a high pitched voice said. All three spun round to find a tiny man standing atop a ramp by the rail line. “The home of the bells,” he explained, adding: “Dylan Baugh at your service.”

Come off it, Apple!

My first novel, The Reaches, is available on Apple’s iBookstore in various countries and I have always been an ardent Apple user. So why is the first serious eBook I bought on Kindle? The answer is as simple as it is infuriating! You can buy the books you want on Kindle with no restrictions due to the country you are buying them from. Such is not the case with Apple’s iTunes system. You can only buy those books available in your local iTunes store. In Switzerland, where I live, there are next to no contemporary books available. Why can’t I buy ebooks from the UK or US iBookstore. Apple has adopted a one-size-fits-all model that was initially imposed by major record labels. Come off it guys! Your iTunes system was a great success but you urgently need to address its limits. It is absurd that commodities such as books, films and music that can be shipped in the so-called real world to any destination, can’t be bought on the Internet from many destinations.

The Watchers – tale of a launch

The Watchers

The Watchers by Jon Steele has just been published in the UK. I haven’t yet read the book, but what interests me here is the way the author announces his book. The book is set in the French speaking part of Switzerland and the author has chosen to make a series of short videos describing the places his book is set in…. (read more)

Love, Stargirl

Love, Stargirl

It’s been one of those long weekends with everyone off somewhere, so I spent the time with Stargirl, reading her long diary-like letter between feeding the cat and doing the cleaning … and writing, of course. Stargirl is so endearing, it is difficult to imagine anyone not wanting to spend time with her even if that might be challenging. And when you do spend time in her company some of her stardust inevitably rubs off on you … (read more)


Geneva Writers group I read a short extract from a future book yesterday at the Geneva Writers’ Group. It was well received although some people were concerned about how I handle paragraphs. Conventionally, apparently, each time someone speaks you have to start a new line. I’ve never done that.

The photo is from the evening aperitif when there were readings from various members of the group.


Lac de Roy

I just created a new album entitled “Snapped” to display photos taken with my iPhone. The idea being to catch magic moments or unexpected perspectives that might normally go unnoticed.

Go to the Snapped Gallery


From gray to gold …


As I move forward into the next chapter of the fourth book of The Storyteller’s Quest, the light changes from red and gray to a sparkling gold. The heavy burden of enforced inaction and despair falls away and the sun comes out. It is time for the younger, newer characters to take over and make their mark.