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Newsletter: Friday February 13th 2015

Dear {name}. Here is the latest news from Secret Paths. If you find interesting material on the site, don't hesitate to tell others about it. Thanks. Alan.

pictureNew Book: In Search of Lost Girls

Listen carefully. You can just hear the mournful tolling of a bell over the shuffle of girls’ feet as they traipse to Mass, nursing bruises and numb despair. No one cares. No one is there to stem the torrent of injustice and abuse. They are lost and forgotten. In another world, the cathedral still reverberates […]


Poem: The Girl and the Lost Prince

During the recent poetry workshop with Carmen Bugan, organised by the Geneva Writers’ Group, I began a poem starting from the word girl. From those couple of lines came The Girl and the Lost Prince. Sound the trumpets, ring the bells, cry out from the tower tops. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! A wonder just walked in […]


Flash fiction: The Misbegotten Script

Read my latest flash fiction, The Misbegotten Script. The cat is Caramel who lives on in our memories and the story was started during a Geneva Writers’ Group seminar about script writing. I am fascinated by the idea that writers can lose control of what they write. Maxim flung the script across the room where it […]

pictureWriting: On the front line again

I have spent the last two months re-crafting the beginning of my latest novel. And today, having finished chapter 34, I reach the front line, the place where I shift from editing to writing and take up the story again, or rather the story takes me up. Here is a short extract from the draft […]


Photos: In memoriam of Dutch White

Dutch White passed away a few days ago. I have created a gallery dedicated to him  with photos – re-photographed from my Notebooks – of the White family and friends taken in the early ’80s in their house in Veyrier Switzerland. Dutch White in Memoriam  

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