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Hi {name}.

Hot on the tail of The Cloud Catcher, I've just published a second novel, Local Voices, a sequel to Stories People Tell, both set in modern-day London. For sample chapters, links to buy a copy (paperback or ebook) and more information, click here.

Having survived the attacks of Kard, Lord Mayor of London, and led the largest ever women's march in the capital (see Stories People Tell), seventeen-year-old Annie Wight sets out to re-assert and strengthen the role of women at the heart of hearthside healthcare. To do so, she and her friends work with local communities to celebrate the stories about health of those that never figure in the spotlight. In this campaign she is pitted against Health England, a conservative think-tank, that targets her and people close to her with all the savagery of those who are convinced they have every right… but, as Annie says, “Women with a will can work wonders.”

Enjoy the read and don't hesitate to share your feedback.

All the best. Alan McCluskey.

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