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Alan McCluskey's latest novel, Boy & Girl, is now available both in print and electronically. 

You can read three sample chapters online (1, 2, 3) and order your copy using the links provided below.

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Boy & Girl

Boy & Girl

“Everyone says you’re a boy,
but how can they be so sure?
What if you’re something else,
something more, something not so clear-cut,
something they don’t want to see…
Wouldn’t that be fascinating … and frightening?”
Fi, alias Fiona Tanner, the girlfriend of Peter’s sister.

By all appearances Peter was like any other twelve year-old boy growing up in 1960, except that he had a secret. When he was alone he slipped into a world of his own making, a world in which he was a girl amongst girls. At a time when such behaviour was taboo and gays were severely punished, his chief concern was to keep his daily life and that delicious world separate. He succeeded until a haughty new girl arrived at school and immediately challenged him about his girlishness. Abruptly, life became hell, not just for him, but for many others too.

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