An article in the local press

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The above article in French (click to see full size page) under the title: In the heart of a former institute for young girls in Saint-Blaise, Alan McCluskey writes novels in English, was published today in the local weekly called the Bulcom announcing the coming exhibition of my work on September 23rd (2-6pm) at Mureta 2, CH-2072 Saint-Blaise.… Read more

Sexual transition?

The beginning of a discussion about sexual transition, or rather the wider topic of gender identity when it doesn’t adhere to dominant binary norms.

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Sexual transition?

A friend wrote suggesting we discuss sexual transition, a subject she was eager to explore for professional reasons.… Read more

Exhibition 75

75 Exhibition
Photo wall
Photo Wall – sixty A4 format photos

Here are some echoes of a private exhibition to celebrate 75 years of creativity that took place several days ago in Saint-Blaise. It included a small selection of my photos, some of which figured on the Photo Wall pictured above.… Read more

The In-Between – a scientific perspective

The following (imaginary) talk was given recently by a renowned author to an international congress on major advances in cosmology. It is part of work on the concept of The In-Between in preparation for the novel of the same name.

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Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed colleagues, distinguished physicists and cosmologists,

This afternoon I wish to address a captivating concept that challenges the boundaries of our understanding of the cosmos – the intriguing notion of the “In-Between.”… Read more

New short story: Taking the bait

Oh the joy of slicing through the water driven by the thrust of your legs, your arms, your back, the only sounds being the slap of waves against the hull and the rhythmic creaking of the oarlocks as you row. That he’d had to give it all up for this dingy cabin which reeked of diesel was unbearable.Read more

Poor stories, poor lives?

If stories are our way of making sense of the world, being poor at telling them must surely negatively impact our lives.

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What stories people tell...
What stories have led these two women to this life?

Stories to make sense of the world

We are addicted to telling stories, both those we tell ourselves and those we tell others.… Read more

Loose ends

As some promising threads remain unexplored in writing a novel, the question is what to do with the loose ends. Cut them out? Or weave a new thread through the novel?

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Le Chat, by Philippe Geluck on display in Montreux, Switzerland.
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