A whirlwind of characters and scenes

Peters house

These last two months have been the most intense and prolific period of my writing career till now. On February 8th, I began writing a new novel. At the time, I was busy completing book four of the Storyteller’s Quest, but the new book erupted with such force in my mind and badgered me with people and ideas that I couldn’t ignore it. Now two months later and 80’000 words on, I am in the thick of the story about the adventures and misadventures of  Peter, a twelve year old schoolboy unsure of who or what he is, his adorable lesbian girlfriend game for anything, his adoptive mother in quest of a son lost in child birth and a girl magician Peter encounters in another world that is about to be invaded by warrior priests.

This new book is a break from my earlier writing in that it is written from only one perspective, that of Peter. It is also set historically, at least the part that takes place in our world, being set in 1960. You’d be surprised how much of what we take for granted didn’t exist on Friday May 13th, 1960 when Peter meets a new girl at school, who, unknown to him, is out for his blood! If that sounds like it’s about vampires, you have been misled. There are no vampires or werewolves in the story, at least not so far, although some of the characters do act like monsters.

The novel, which is clearly aimed at young adults and adults who enjoy YA literature, should be finished in the next few months and will hopefully be published early next year.

The above diagram is that of Peter’s house.

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