About: Colourful People

About: Colourful People

Links to various articles, including extracts, published on Secret Paths about the book.

Gender: Being true to yourself? Under the common banner of LGBT, the first 3 categories are about sexual orientation, whereas the T is about gender identity. This difference has far reaching implications as does the diversity of identities and expressions cohabiting as transgender.

When is a girl not a girl? The rigid adherence to beliefs about the immutability of the gender divide can inflict great harm as this extract from Colourful People illustrates.

Colourful People – The beginning. An extract from the beginning of the current draft of Colourful PeopleBook 4 of the Boy & Girl saga.

Adding a touch of colour ... – When a boy who dresses as a girl is confronted with a boisterous crowd of transgender youth in search of a safe haven.