About: We Girls

About: We Girls

Links to various articles, including extracts, published on Secret Paths about the book.

The Inseparable Pair – thoughts about gender identity and the new novel, We Girls

Peter forced to see a shrink – maintaining gender ambiguity beyond a certain age entails difficult choices. Read an extract from We Girls.

Greta the Great! – The glorification of Greta Thunberg by the media raises questions that are echoed in We Girls. Read an extract.

Silence is more than the absence of sound…. Kate on the quality of silence in a snow-bound world. A short extract from We Girls.

The dangers of contradicting someone’s feelings – “Let him speak,” Eloise said. “He’s telling us how he feels. You might see things differently, but you can’t deny his feelings…”  A short extract from We Girls.

When dreams come true as nightmares – It is one thing to fantasise and to take pleasure at what he imagined, but it was quite different to live such a dream…