Alan McCluskey’s Novels

Alan McCluskey’s Novels

All Alan McCluskey’s books are about the self-empowerment of the young, girls in particular, in a world that tends to curtail their opportunities, belittle their abilities and discourage them from doing great things. His books also explore the difficulties of those whose gender and sexuality lie beyond the dominant binary divide between boy and girl. His goal in writing fiction is to imagine inspiring ways forward, despite the difficulties thrown in the way of these young people.

The Boy & Girl Saga

1. Boy & Girl (2012/2014/2020)
2. In Search of Lost Girls (2014/2020)
3. We Girls (coming soon)

Recent or Coming Releases

Chimera (2019)
Stories People Tell (2018)
Local Voices (coming soon)

The Storyteller’s Quest

1. The Reaches (2011)
2. The Keeper’s Daughter (2011)
3. The Starless Square {2016)
4. World of Tales (unpublished)
5. Forget Me Not (in draft)

Other unpublished novels

People of the Forest (in draft)
Twisted Paths (unpublished)
Storyfolk (unpublished)