An extract, close to the end

I am very close to the grande finale of In Search of Lost Girls. Only a couple more chapters to write. Here’s a short extract from Chapter 51. I wonder if any of you can identify the cathedral being described. It is in that church that the story will come to a close.


When they finally entered the square in front of the cathedral, Peter was impressed by the majestic building that stood atop a steep but broad set of steps. The main entrance was flanked by two towers that culminated in steeples each topped with a gold orb and a cross. The massive wooden door was beautifully carved with life-like figures that Peter delighted in running his fingers over. 

The interior of the cathedral surprised him. Not only did light stream in the many high windows free of stained glass, but the simplicity of the unadorned walls with their light gray stone gave an airiness to the place that came as a relief. Neither the weight of elaborate, gold-plated saints, nor the majestic cross on the altar, nor even the ever-present scent of candles and incense could distract from the freshness and serenity that inhabited the place.

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