Bursting with Life!

Bursting with Life!

Vint is bursting with life. So much so the world around him ripples with energy and takes on unexpected forms. His parents and carers have convinced him his hallucinations are a sign of madness. Repression is their sole remedy, seeking to rein in anything that can over stimulate and spark an attack. He is a willing prisoner in a grey world, stripped of friends, colour, movement and music…not to mention good food. Only when he escapes with Tara and meets her friends does he realise that what he sees may not be hallucinations but rather a gift to transform the world. In the light of this new perspective, he begins to lose his fear of being mad and discovers the richness of the world. All would be well, were it not for the greed and rapaciousness of his carers who seek to get him back and exploit his abilities.

Bursting with Life! is currently being written…

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Prologue: Bursting with Life! Read the draft prologue from the new novel.

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