Girl, Boy or Whatever

Girl, Boy or Whatever

Girl or Boy Cover

in their quest to develop a new paradigm for healing and a radical approach to gender, Peter and Kate face of violent opposition.

A peek at the story

“When I look at a girl, all the girl’s in the choir, for example, what strikes me is that being a girl comes natural to them. They don’t have to think about it. It’s what they are. If I were a girl like them there would be nothing special in dressing or acting as one. But for me there is something special about being a boy who dresses as a girl. I’m attracted to girls, I identify as a girl, I feel like a girl, especially when I’m dressed as one, but I am not prepared to go the whole road and become a girl. In a strange way, that ambivalence is an important part of who I am.” – Peter talking to Kate in the first chapter of Girl, Boy or Whatever.

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