Local Voices

Local Voices

Local Voices – In her campaign to re-affirm the role of women at the heart of hearthside healthcare, 17-year-old Annie Wight finds herself pitted against Health England, a conservative think-tank backed by pharmaceutical giants and private healthcare providers. Pretexting the defence of the National Health Service, they stop at nothing to stamp out Annie’s efforts. They target not just her but those close to her, wreaking havoc in friendships and affairs of the heart. As part of her response, Annie launches a project to share the stories of those that never figure in the spotlight. By celebrating local voices, the project fights against isolation and disempowerment.

Local Voices, which is currently being finalised, is a sequel to Stories People Tell. It will be published in 2020.

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Activism and government – Reflections on today’s Fridays for Future press conference on the climate crisis and Africa and an extract from Local Voices.

Stories of people who live far from the spotlight  – In an article in The Guardian, George Monbiot urges us to pay attention to “(…) the story of people who live far from (…) the spotlight (..)” Untold stories are a central theme of my latest novel, Local Voices.

Shhhhh! Writing. Local voices.Shhhhh! Writing. New book. Follow-up to Stories People Tell. Annie promoting local voices. Seventy-five chapters so far. Eighty thousand words. Coming soon. 

Writing a Sequel to Stories People Tell Of course, I couldn’t resist. I began a sequel to Stories People Tell. It starts in Waterloo Station, in the press of commuters under this clock where an unpleasant surprise is awaiting Annie and her girlfriend Kevin.