The Cloud Catcher

Fran meets Xristy and a lot of kissing takes place… It would hardly have made a good essay, especially not in a church-run girls school, but what did Fran care. She was out with the Cloud Catchers, skimming clouds, battling to save a world that was not hers, battling to rescue herself and her tiny universe, spread-eagled as it was between a fast changing world and an ageing church, both of which were violent.

The Cloud Catcher is currently being written.

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In the beginning was a tree… The Cloud Catcher began with a tree, a cloud and a chance encounter with a girl on horseback. Read an extract.

Inside a Cloud’s Head – One of the fascinating things about imagining the world through the ‘eyes’ of a cloud is how startlingly different that perspective appears… Including extracts from The Cloud Catcher.

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