Brent wasn’t the athletic type, but he loved to walk. He called himself the Wanderer. In fact he took wandering so far that even in his dreams he was meandering along interminable lanes across country and town alike or scurrying through almost impenetrable labyrinths with unknown threats scuttling after him. He never knew where he was going, but only that he had to get somewhere urgently. He made a point of noting down his dreams in the notebook he always carried with him. He’d got into the habit of skimming in and out of sleep to provoke more dreams, which he approached through words and the images they evoked, trying to capture the strangeness that often inhabited dreams. Dreams were the central building blocks for his storytelling. In his more romantic moments he imagined himself to be the red-headed ancestor of a Celtic bard. Then he met Sally and wandering and storytelling was to take on a whole new dimension.

Learn more about Brent in The Reaches, the first book of the Storyteller’s Quest (Buy the book).

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