Meet Keira


Keira is a popular person about the town of Avan. A lot of people know her from the main library where she works as a librarian. Her light-hearted, jovial manner and her natural communicativeness endear her to all-comers. She’s also well known as the lead singer in a local folk group. If you saw her you would certainly notice her with her short blond hair, her sparkling blue eyes but above all her eccentric way of dressing. A much less well-known side to Keira is her love for Sally from the University. Both girls are about the same age and the same height and both enjoy dancing but Sally is much more poised and thoughtful than her girlfriend who can sometimes be rash and passionate. Now when Sally gets sent on a mission with a young man, Keira realises she’s absolutely got to join them if she is not to loose her best friend … what’s more, there’s magic involved.

Learn more about Keira in The Reaches, the first book of the Storyteller’s Quest (Buy the book)


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