Tweets from the life of Avan

Tweets from the life of Avan

Theospheress Prof. Tangwyn at today’s talk: There are so many negative images of disorder when the principal of order was born spontaneously out of chaos.
2 days ago via Web

KeiraSings The Arena is packed. Nearly a 1000 people. Can’t help the butterflies. Probably never will. Enough. First group is on. Time to get ready.
About 5 hours ago via TweetDeck

KeiraSings Hoyt Park at its best late at night. Peaceful at last. And delicately scented flowers. @Theospheress I remember well. How could I forget!
3 hours ago via TweetDeck

KeiraSings Your flowers are beautiful – my flat is full of their scents. Thanks to all. Such a wonderful audience! See you all in a month at the Arena.
5 minutes ago via Web

TheWanderer @Deepwatch Don’t believe a word of it! Secondhand books in the market are mostly crap. The used postcards, now that’s a different matter!
About 1 hour ago via Facebook

Theospheress Dreams, dreams and more dreams. All sizes and colours. And all of them filled with you!
About 2 days ago via Web

Theospheress Actively seeking bouncer to keep unwanted intruders – aka self-centred assistants – out of my dreams!
5 minutes ago via Web

TheWanderer Soon need a new pair of walking shoes. There are clearly visible tracks along the paths and lanes around Avan wherever I’ve been.
15 minutes ago via TweetDeck

TheWanderer Went to visit a shaman. Surprised. Expected feathers and incense. Got green tea and biscuits instead. Well worth it, all the same.
2 weeks ago via TweetDeck

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