The Colourful Bandstand


Reads the latest short story byAlan McCluskey, The Colourful Bandstand.

Sun glints off the varnished roof of the bandstand, sending a rainbow of colours showering over the surrounding tiered steps as they climb row upon row high above. Sheltered from the bright light by the bandstand, children in period costumes sit at several small tables sipping tea from bone china cups and nibbling dainty sandwiches.  Read more

The Brick


I like to set myself challenges in writing. Someone said you should have very few characters in flash fiction, so I decided to write a piece with more than a few. As I was busy preparing for next weekend’s flash fiction workshop with MJ Holmes, I sat down and wrote a piece of flash fiction with six characters in it.Read more

The Shed – a short story


At last weekend’s Geneva Writer’s Group, (photo above) Susan, who was running the workshop, opened with an exercise about a memory. Mine was of my grandfather, Percy, and his garden shed. Once the image sprang to mind, I stuck with that and, ignoring the subsequent exercises – I’m not an ideal student – I  continued writing my short story.… Read more

The Lift

Read my latest short story called The Lift. It began as an exercise with Marie José during a GWG workshop on dialogue, but quickly took on a life of its own. Here’s the first paragraph.

Catching sight of her striding after him as he hurried into the lift, he was relieved when the doors started to close and a mechanical voice said: Ground floor.Read more