Hey Little Man!


Here’s a short piece I wrote which begins: “He stood in front of the school door wondering how he could possibly open it, the knob was hopelessly out of reach and there was nothing he could use to climb. Life was not always easy when you were only two and a half feet tall….”… Read more



Just added a new story fragment called “Fall” …

In the Writers’ Circle we decided to each write a short piece about “fall” using whichever interpretation of the word we wanted. I managed to work in several here, but mostly I was inspired by my long walks in the forests at the foot of the Jura mountains this Autumn.… Read more


Wild world

Just posted a new story called Midsummer on my Story Fragments Blog. It is inspired by the heights above Windemere in the Lake District as seen in the photo above. Here are the first few lines:

She pushed aside the soaked sacking that hung across the entrance to her rough stone shelter and peered out.Read more