Happy New Year

IMG_3781With this photo taken at sunset on New Year’s Eve at the Vue des Alpes, I’d like to wish you all an enriching year in 2015. May this time bring health and happiness as well as lots of reading and writing.… Read more



Ginger Dawn will be giving away 3 of my books this Friday May 24th. How will that work? She will be asking a few trivia questions on this Secret Paths page on Facebook (see link below), Friday night her time (Eastern Time, that’s in the middle of the night here in Europe) and those people who answer correctly within the following 2 days will have their names put in a hat from which she will pull the winners.… Read more

Radio interview

Sunday May 26th at 1pm ET (7pm European time or 6pm UK time) listen to Anne White and GInger Dawn of Creating Calm Network interview Alan McCluskey about Boy & Girl, The Storyteller’s Quest series and the Geneva Writers Group. After that date, the interview will be available on streaming.… Read more

Happy reading for 2012!

Happy Reading!

Season’s greetings! May we wish you hours of enjoyable reading in 2012.

Here at Secret Paths we are looking forward to 2012 when we will be publishing three new books: a new science fiction tale called StoryFolk (March), the first book of the series Beyond the Face of the World, entitled Twisted Paths (June) and book three of The Storyteller’s Quest entitled The Starless Square (November).… Read more

Dreams Unleashed

Dreams Unleashed

I saw Linda Hawley’s book mentioned on Twitter and was intrigued by the title, so I downloaded the Kindle version. It was the first time I had read a full length book on my iPhone. I found the story well written and gripping.… Read more