Happy New Year 2022

There are so many things we don’t see, even when they are in plain sight. But deep under the conscious layers of our brain, we are ‘aware’ of them, although they are not necessarily brought to our waking attention. Such is the working of our brain that saves us much effort by filtering out the extraneous.… Read more

Gallery: Inauguration


The inauguration of the Place de la Gare in La Chaux de Fonds took place mid October 2015. It was marked by a display of slides projected onto surrounding buildings accompanied by music. See the gallery for more photos.

Avec une série de photos émouvantes montrant la Chaux de Fonds et son histoire, on a inauguré la nouvelle Place de la Gare ces derniers jours.… Read more

Môtiers 2015


Môtiers, Switzerland, periodically hosts an open air art exhibition attracting many contributions including some from well-known artists, although their work is not always the most interesting. This year it runs from June 20th to September 20th. I have posted a series of photos of exhibits in a gallery on Secret Paths Artworks.

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