On the wings of fantasy

(Traduction française plus bas)

I chose to use the above photo as the new header for my Author’s Notes blog because it fills me with an immense joy but also a great sadness. It is a photo I snapped during the 2019 Fête des Vignerons in Vevey. Julie, the young girl who threads her way through the many musical tableaux that make up the festivities, is initiated into flying by a fairy godmother. At least, that is how I interpret what I saw. A benevolent young woman who takes a girl under her wing and encourages her to launch into the air, into an imaginary world where everything is possible and in so doing become a magical fairy herself. I relish the sheer joy of flying as the girl soars over a make-believe world, her dress fluttering about her like the plumage of a beautiful bird. As I watch, it is as if my soul soars with her. In that youthful flight lies my joy. But that joy goes hand in hand with a heart-felt yearning tinged with sadness, for deep down I long to be young again, to soar high above the world, to experience the impossible, to be her. 

Sur les ailes de la fantasie

J’ai choisi d’utiliser la photo ci-dessus comme nouvel en-tête du blog Notes d’un auteur car elle me remplit d’une joie immense mais aussi d’une grande tristesse. C’est une photo que j’ai prise lors de la Fête des Vignerons 2019 à Vevey. Julie, la jeune fille qui se fraye un chemin à travers les nombreux tableaux musicaux qui composent les festivités, est initiée au vol par une fée marraine. Au moins, c’est comme cela que j’interprète ce que j’ai vu. Une jeune femme bienveillante qui prend une fille sous son aile et l’encourage à se lancer dans les airs, dans un monde imaginaire où tout est possible et ainsi devenir une fée magique elle-même. Je savoure la joie de voler alors que la fille survole un monde imaginaire, sa robe flottant autour d’elle comme le plumage d’un bel oiseau. Pendant que je regarde, c’est comme si mon âme s’envolait avec elle. Ma joie réside dans ce vol de jeunesse. Mais cette joie va de pair avec un désir ardent empreint de nostalgie, teint de tristesse, car au fond de moi, je désire être jeune à nouveau, planer au-dessus du monde, faire l’expérience de l’impossible, être elle.

‘Lies’ photos tell

The ‘lies’  photos tell…. Read more about it on Secret Paths Artworks.

Gallery: Inauguration


The inauguration of the Place de la Gare in La Chaux de Fonds took place mid October 2015. It was marked by a display of slides projected onto surrounding buildings accompanied by music. See the gallery for more photos.

Avec une série de photos émouvantes montrant la Chaux de Fonds et son histoire, on a inauguré la nouvelle Place de la Gare ces derniers jours. Cliquer pour voir la galerie de photos

A new gallery: Re-definitions

See the new gallery of illustrated definitions from the Re-définitions exhibition that took place late August – early September 2015 in the BLS railway station of Saint-Blaise, Switzerland. The idea was to rethink the definition of a number of lesser-known French words in the hope of sparking off the imagination. English translations are available.

Môtiers 2015


Môtiers, Switzerland, periodically hosts an open air art exhibition attracting many contributions including some from well-known artists, although their work is not always the most interesting. This year it runs from June 20th to September 20th. I have posted a series of photos of exhibits in a gallery on Secret Paths Artworks. Here’s the link: Môtiers 2015.  While you are at the gallery, see if you can figure out which works are by ‘real’ artists and which are imaginary.

The work in the photo above is by Olivier Estoppey and is entitled Sur la route d’Ornans.

Storm over Saint-Blaise

Storm on the horizon at sunset

New photos in the Secret Paths Saint-Blaise gallery.

Mother Nature


Barley. Visit the new Mother Nature gallery.

Hard times for Julius


Life’s not so easy for Julius, what with the cows breaking into the garden and him being knocked off his plinth. Not even Brutus caused so much pain and destruction! See other photos in the Snapped gallery.

New in the Neuchâtel gallery

Neuchatel Collegiale

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New in Saint-Blaise

Saint-Blaise gallery

See the new photos posted in the Secret Paths Saint-Blaise gallery.