La Grande Cariçaie


La Grande Cariçaie is a nature reserve by the Neuchâtel Lake that covers a large area of marsh land in which a wide variety of wild birds nest. That’s a cormorant you can see flying by in this picture. The images in the new Secret Paths gallery entitled  La Grande Cariçaie portray the part of the Grand Cariçaie around Champ-Pittet which is run by Pro Natura.… Read more

New people, old people

Albera Van de Keuken

See the new photos added to the Secret Paths People gallery. This photo (taken from one of my notebooks) shows the now professor François Albera but then teacher at the fine arts school in Geneva in discussion with the late filmmaker Johan van der Keuken during a visit of the latter to Geneva in the 80’s.… Read more

Neuchâtel Gallery


See the new Neuchatel Gallery with photos of the capital of the Swiss canton of the same name, nestled as it is by a lake and at the foot of the Jura mountains. This photo is of La Place du Marché with the Restaurant de Halles and the Hôtel du Marché.… Read more

A fresh look


If you take a fresh look around, there are some extraordinarily beautiful things waiting to be discovered, even in a place you’ve come to take for granted. The sculpture here is by Huguette McCluskey, the ikebana too. The painting in the background is by Véronique Nicolet.… Read more



Elsa Schwarzer Hirsig gives a demonstration of suminagashi, Japanese marbelling that dates back to the 12th century, on the closing day of her exhibition at the Centre de Santé in Colombier. She was accompanied on the guitar by Flavio Piervittori. Visit the Suminagashi gallery for more photos.  … Read more

Video Days


Video Days is a new Secret Paths photo gallery dedicated to a key period in the history of video art at the beginning of the 80’s. All the photos are taken from Alan McCluskey’s Art Notebooks. He was particularly active during this time, making such videos as La Jonction, La Terre Promise and Game as well as a number of short videos about artists.… Read more