Pretty boys, handsome girls

Calling transgender those who dress as girls but remain attached to being a boy – albeit a girly boy – might be misleading. Dressing as a girl for the clothes and the feelings they procure is quite different from donning the clothes that are rightfully yours as transgender.Read more

The wet watchers

In that other world called the Reaches, a group of citizens are tasked with keeping an eye out for trouble. This elusive group hide in the shadows, sliding silently from one place to another… nothing goes unseen, except them … Read more about The Keeper’s Daughter, Book 2 of The Storyteller’s Quest.… Read more

Rain in the Minster

The MInster

Sally, Professor Rafter’s new assistant, awaits the funeral of her predecessor who died along with over thirty other members of Sollarini Clan in tragic circumstances at the end of the previous book (The Reaches). As if the loss of her two best friends, trapped in the Reaches, is not enough to handle, she now has to deal with the evil spawned by the fall of the Sollarini Clan.… Read more

Tyrell’s darts

L: Daucus c arota E: Wild Carrot

Some people are so clumsy in their anger that it can seem hilarious to those who are not involved. Even if there is nothing funny about him, Tyrell is all set to play the angry clown. Read more in The Reaches, Book One of the Storyteller’s Quest.… Read more