A tight spot

A tight spot

For Peter, dressing as a girl was a very private activity. When circumstances forced him to disguise in a dress and the new fangled tights that were all the rage in the early sixties, being seen as a girl was not necessarily the pleasure he might have imagined. … Read more

Keeping a secret

A warning

If you discover you have a supernatural ability, it is not always wise to let grown ups know. For Tania, however, hiding the ability to talk between minds is all the more difficult as life has been rotten to her and she ardently wants to be seen as special.… Read more



When I began writing In Search of Lost Girls, I wondered what would happen if I added another boy to Peter’s world which was largely peopled by girls. I had no idea how Peter would react. I had to write the whole book before I got the answer.… Read more

Wild fury

Wild Fury

Sisters can be a pest, but Peter’s sister is downright crazy. If the police hadn’t been there to restrain her, she would probably have killed him.

The Boy & Girl Saga

Boy & Girl – Imagine Peter’s delight when he finds himself in the head of a girl, he who secretly dresses as a girl.… Read more