Ghosting passed a hundred thousand

Mud flats

With following paragraph, I just passed the hundred thousand word mark in my latest novel which I began two months ago:

Jumping between minds no longer seemed a suitable expression. If Peter were to enter the warrior priest’s mind, guarded as it was by an iron will, grim determination and years and years of gruelling practice in warding off mental attacks, he had to shrink mentally to minuscule proportions, denying his natural desire for space and influence.Read more

A whirlwind of characters and scenes

Peters house

These last two months have been the most intense and prolific period of my writing career till now. On February 8th, I began writing a new novel. At the time, I was busy completing book four of the Storyteller’s Quest, but the new book erupted with such force in my mind and badgered me with people and ideas that I couldn’t ignore it.… Read more

Story structure for Book Four

I have been tracing out the structure of the story for Book Four of the Storyteller’s Quest using as a starting point the two chapters already written. It’s not an easy task because I need to keep track of not only all the characters but also four (or rather three and a half) separate worlds in which the action is taking place.… Read more