A chimera is an organism containing two or more distinct sets of genes and, potentially, several beings in one…

A peek at the story

:: not being able to speak, to move – such was the price I had to pay – to cut out the chaos and confusion from a world run wild – a raw satisfaction – being barricaded in my head these past twelve years – all for nothing – that blasted girl has ruined everything – surging out of nowhere – pirating my body – bridging the gap between me and the others – letting chaos rush in – beguiling everyone with her codswallop – not me – I’m not impressed – some say she’s destined to be our saviour – as if the block-head could save a fly – I just want her gone  (Sam, thinking of Sami)

Chimera The new novel will be published in the coming month.

Sample Chapters

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3