Colourful People

Colourful People

Openly dressed as a girl, Peter has been accepted as a member of the Lost Girls, but that tacit arrangement might have to change as a trio of boisterous transgender youth seek refuge amongst them. Cohabitation is daunting, but despite serious divergences, the two groups unite to counter a common enemy.

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A tacit understanding between Peter and the girls of the Lost Girls’ village has enabled him to live amongst them dressed as a girl, to be a leading figure in their work on healing and to be a soloist in their choir. But that delicate balance is about to be challenged. A trio of boisterous transgender youth, calling themselves the Colourful People, find their way to the Lost Girls’ village seeking refuge from the harassment of their parents, doctors and the police. In many ways the two groups diverge, especially in their approach to life and each other, making any cohabitation a daunting task. However, both have a fierce will to be themselves in the face of determined opposition from society and it is the need to counter mutual foes that finally unites them in their battle.
Colourful People

Chapter One
Gina shaved the last of the hair from her head, tossing the blond curl to the floor. She squeezed a generous squirt of baby oil into the palm of her hand and massaged it into her scalp, delighting in the smoothness of her skin. Reaching for the tiny mirror that lay on the table, she turned it this way and that, admiring the strong lines of her head. Yes. She’d been right to risk it. (...)

Chapter Two 
Kate leaned back against the side of the van and studied the two kids in the flickering light that filtered through the windscreen. They were in a sorry state and it was not just their tattered clothes. The girl, the one who called herself Sis, was clearly suffering from shock and probably exposure. Her friend, the bald boy – Gino was it? – probably had pneumonia or worst. (...)

Gender: Being true to yourself? Under the common banner of LGBT, the first 3 categories are about sexual orientation, whereas the T is about gender identity. This difference has far reaching implications as does the diversity of identities and expressions cohabiting as transgender.

When is a girl not a girl? The rigid adherence to beliefs about the immutability of the gender divide can inflict great harm as this extract from Colourful People illustrates.

Colourful People - The beginning. An extract from the beginning of the current draft of Colourful PeopleBook 4 of the Boy & Girl saga.

Adding a touch of colour ... - When a boy who dresses as a girl is confronted with a boisterous crowd of transgender youth in search of a safe haven.