Immortal No More

Photo: Alan McCluskey

Having finished the draft of World o’Talesbook four of The Storyteller’s Quest, I immediately launched into writing book five entitled, Immortal No More. I have written a thousand words of the beginning which follows on directly from World o’Tales although that is not so evident if you read the short snippet below.

Here is a brief extract of the beginning of Immortal No More. Remember this is a first draft and (many) things can change. This scene is entitled Just another girl.

Jag sighed. Another girl. He ran a comb through her wet hair, tugging at the knots. This one might be healthy and surprisingly fit, and her dark brown eyes were attractive, yet she wasn’t what he’d call pretty. That high forehead promised intelligence, but that was hardly what was required. Couldn’t that self-satisfied pair of hunters not find better material? How many more botched specimens would it take before the Master and Mistress decided the poor quality was his fault and tossed him on the scrap heap along with the bones of all those that had gone before? 

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