Story structure for Book Four

I have been tracing out the structure of the story for Book Four of the Storyteller’s Quest using as a starting point the two chapters already written. It’s not an easy task because I need to keep track of not only all the characters but also four (or rather three and a half) separate worlds in which the action is taking place. My diagram is riddled with little notes like: How did they do that? Who will do that? …

Book Four

I have begun work again on the fourth book of The Storyteller’s Quest. I had written some two chapters but put them aside to work on another book. Now, I have transferred all the existing material into Scrivener, which I am using for the first time, and I am re-working the plan of the whole book. I don’t alway work to a detailed plan, but having one for the Starless Square turned out to be very useful.

And no! I haven’t made the cover of this book yet 🙂

Layout for The Keeper’s Daughter

Book2 cover

I have just finished the layout for the print version of The Keeper’s Daughter, Book 2 of The Storyteller’s Quest. The book is almost ready for printing but I want to wait till one or two issues with the promotion of Book One are sorted out.

Possible forthcoming exhibition


I’m working on the idea of preparing an exhibition of artwork inspired by my novels. I have started collecting photos and I plan to go through my novels looking for quotes or images that could inspire related artwork. The idea is not to illustrate, but rather to be inspired by my novels. The picture above is related to The Starless Square, the 3rd book of The Storyteller’s Quest.

The cover for The Starless Square

The Starless Square cover

I finished the cover for the Starless Square, Book 3 of the Storyteller’s Quest. I only need to write and add the text for the back cover and it will be complete.

The Reaches now available from

The Reaches cover

The Reaches, the first book of The Storyteller’s Quest is now available in print format on at the url below:

It is going to take a while longer to be able to have it available on

The Reaches available in eBook format

The Reaches cover

The Reaches, the first book of The Storyteller’s Quest is not available in eBook format via Smashwords at

The Reaches is available from Apple’s iBookstores in Canada, Germany, the U.K, the U.S., France, and Australia.