An article in the local press

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The above article in French (click to see full size page) under the title: In the heart of a former institute for young girls in Saint-Blaise, Alan McCluskey writes novels in English, was published today in the local weekly called the Bulcom announcing the coming exhibition of my work on September 23rd (2-6pm) at Mureta 2, CH-2072 Saint-Blaise.… Read more

Loose ends

As some promising threads remain unexplored in writing a novel, the question is what to do with the loose ends. Cut them out? Or weave a new thread through the novel?

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Le Chat, by Philippe Geluck on display in Montreux, Switzerland.
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At the turn of the year…

I wish you good health and happiness, but, above all, I wish you courage to make the changes necessary for the challenges present and to come.

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Writing despite setbacks

Looking back over the past year, my vision is necessarily coloured by who I am and what I’ve  done.… Read more

Stories for the future

Carefully crafted stories can help stave off anxiety due to uncertainty about the future by inspiring individual narratives of ways forward.

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Reasons for being anxious

Anxious? It’s hard not to be. Just turn on the radio or the television or browse the Internet, the news is an unending tale of woe.… Read more