The Boy in the Book

The Boy in the Book

Just think of it. You’re inside a book, inside a story, and that’s where you belong. That’s the familiar order of things. But for some reason you get it into your head not only to break free of the story, but from the book itself. Think of the frustration if not desperation as you struggle to do the impossible. All your hopes are banked on the relationships you can forge with those who plunge into your book as readers, although you have no control over who they are. And even there, they are immersed in your world but your communication with them is limited by the story you are bound to. How on earth can you possibly know what life is like beyond the book?… (from an interview with the author)

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Fact or fiction Faced with ‘alternative facts’, we turn to facts we know. However, fact and fiction are often mixed as the following extract illustrates.

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