The girl with the green dress


Green Dress 2

I’m doing the final edit of In Search of Lost Girls which should be published early September. Here’s a brief extract I have just worked on.
The pretty girl from the bakery, whose name was Bonnie, must have been waiting for him, because the moment Peter entered the little church she pounced on him, slung an arm round his shoulder, much to Fi’s disgust, and planted a kiss on his cheek. Peter struggled to get free, but she clung to him with the force of desperation.

She looked like a character from a fairy tale, although certainly not the sort you could trust, Peter thought. She had put on a green dress trimmed with white lace that barely reached her knees and wore white tights and dark green shoes to match. Her auburn hair was attached in a ponytail fixed with a silver clasp of a celtic design.

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