Trivia questions for giveaways

If you’d like to take part in Ginger Dawn’s Trivia Contest to win one of my books, answer one or more of the questions below. You have until this Sunday, May 26th to answer. To help you answer the questions, check out here on Secret Paths and on the  Secret Paths Facebook page. You can enter the context by commenting here or on the Secret Paths Facebook page. Remember to state which question(s) you are answering and give your email address when you add the comment. Ginger will draw winners from a hat.

Question One

Recently, Alan McCluskey updated a short story that was read at the Geneva Writers’ Group End of Year celebrations at the Press Center. The original piece was written as a Christmas present for a friend called Indigo. What was the Title of this short story?

Question Two

Who drew the Secret Paths logo?

Ginger Dawn, along with Anne White did the interview of me about my books and writing on Creating Calm Network radio.

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