Stories People Tell

Embark on a powerful journey with Stories People Tell, a gripping book that follows Annie Wight, a timid schoolgirl who transforms into a formidable force. Witness her extraordinary rise in the ‘London Whatever’ movement, fighting for gender diversity and against violence towards women. Falling in love with a girl, Annie becomes a prime target of the homophobic Lord Mayor and his ruthless allies. Experience the resilience of girls and their fight against abuse. Get your copy now and join Annie’s inspiring battle .

Free Chapters

Chapter 1  – Annie looked up, startled. Nothing ever happened in the East End. She should know. It was her home. Yet, there she was (…)

Chapter 2  – Annie dumped her bag in the only free space on the tiny kitchen table and sank onto a stool. What had she done? (…)

Chapter 3  – God was it cold! A biting wind had got up since Annie left the hairdresser’s. She pulled the hoodie tight over her head, (…)

Chapter 4  – “Poor thing. That’s terrible,” Ayana said, her lips twisted in disgust. “Why don’t you call the police?”  (…)

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