Stories People Tell

Who will tell the stories of those that don’t get told? Despite fierce opposition from the establishment, Annie and her friends will.

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Stories People Tell is a tale about Annie Wight, a shy schoolgirl who, despite sustained, cruel treatment and personal doubts, blossoms into a major voice in the grassroots movement ‘London Whatever’ celebrating gender diversity while struggling to end violence against women and care for the weak and marginalised.

Annie wasn’t expecting to fall in love with a girl or to shoot to notoriety when she got swept up in ‘London Whatever’. Nor could she have known that, right from the outset, she would become the number one target of Nolan Kard, the homophobic Lord Mayor of London. who was campaigning to ‘Keep London Straight’. She bore the brunt of attacks from his rogue police, not to mention from a sinister gang of ghostwriters, the nightmare of all Kard’s enemies.

Chapter 1
Annie looked up, startled. Nothing ever happened in the East End. She should know. It was her home. Yet, there she was (…)

Chapter 2
Annie dumped her bag in the only free space on the tiny kitchen table and sank onto a stool. What had she done? (…)

Chapter 3
God was it cold! A biting wind had got up since Annie left the hairdresser’s. She pulled the hoodie tight over her head, (…)

Chapter 4
“Poor thing. That’s terrible,” Ayana said, her lips twisted in disgust. “Why don’t you call the police?”  (…)

Men writers in women’s shoes - Can men write authentic female characters?

Stories People Don't Tell - When fiction and reality reach out and link hands.

Hymn to the Power of Girls – Why is this performance of Karl Jenkins’ Adiemus by the Carmina Slovenica girls choir so deeply moving? And what does that have to do with Annie in Stories People Tell?

I’m an alien and proud to be one – Rather than berating ourselves for our foreignness or worrying we are going crazy, why not relish the heightened discernment that feeling alien brings.

The Politics of Elimination – London Whatever striving to strengthen solidarity as an antidote to Mayor Nolan Kard’s war on gay people and the poor.

Climatic finish to Stories People Tell – announcing the end of the first draft and providing a further extract from near the end of the book.

London Whatever! An extract – an extract giving a glimpse of her first public speech to a rally of the ‘London Whatever’ movement.

A new novel – an extract from the current beginning of the draft.

The Stories People Tell – on the omnipresence of stories in our lives and how they make sense of the world but also can lead us astray.

When real-life settings meet fiction – on how the use of real-life settings can enhance a story, including a short extract.

Stories to make sense of the world – spinning stories to help us understand and anticipate how to act.