StoryFolk front cover

The Story

“What mad folly made some humans cease to be human and believe they could abuse and then kill these creatures that they thought less than human because they were man-made?”

StoryFolk is a science fantasy novel about clones and cloning and the right to be different. The style of this book marks a change from Alan McCluskey’s earlier books. The novel tells of the adventures of Vata, Celi and Kit as they are tracked by bandits, the military, white slavers, the police, the press and rogue stories …  63 of the short chapters have already been written. Only a few remain to finish the book.


It had to happen, didn’t it! I got so engrossed in reading StoryFolk that I was forced to write the remaining seven chapters to find out how the story ended. Now it’s done and the novel will be published when I find time to get back and edit it.

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