The Starless Square – The Storyteller’s Quest Book 3

The Starless Square

A weekend of joyous festivities in response to a group of fanatics bent on destroying their reputation and having their department shut down.

The Starless Square

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The Starless Square

A weekend of joyous festivities! Such was the Theosophy department’s response to a group of fanatics bent on destroying their reputation and having them shut down. Theosophy? Professor Rafter, head of the department, calls it “the study of our direct relationship with that which is beyond and above the normal range of human experience”. He could just as well have been describing the adventures of a group of young friends who have been called back from their travels in another world to defend their department with their new-found abilities. But how could entrancing singing or breath-taking storytelling or exquisite cooking possibly stand a chance when pitted against the evil black cloud that threatens to obscure the Starless Square?

The Starless Square is the third book of The Storyteller’s Quest by Alan McCluskey. The draft of the fourth book of the series, The World o’Tales, is complete and the draft of the fifth book, Forget Me Not, is almost complete.

The Starless Square

Read the Prologue. Or listen to the author reading the prologue.

Read First Contacts, an extract from the first chapter of The Starless Square.

Find out more

About the architecture of The Lodge in The Starless Square.

On cohabitation of vegetation and architecture in the Lodge.

The seating plan for a dinner at Alo’s place when all the group and their friends come together on the eve of the weekend’s festivities.



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