Secret Paths Newsletter March 2nd, 2018


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Newsletter: Friday, March 2nd, 2018
“Ultimately a book only makes sense through its readers.” 

Dear Reader. The release of a new novel is always a major event, the culmination of months if not years of work, but this new book, Stories People Tell, which is set in London in the current day, is probably the most significant book I have written so far.

  Check it out, buy a copy, read the book and talk about it to others.

Thanks for your interest and support. Alan.

Annie Wight is a shy schoolgirl who, despite sustained, cruel treatment and personal doubts, blossoms into a major voice in the grassroots movement ‘London Whatever’ celebrating gender diversity while struggling to end violence against women and care for the weak and marginalised.

Annie wasn’t expecting to stumble on love or notoriety when she got swept up in ‘London Whatever’. Nor could she have known that, right from the outset, she would become the number one target of Nolan Kard, the homophobic Lord Mayor of London. who was campaigning to ‘Keep London Straight’. She bore the brunt of attacks from his rogue police, not to mention from a sinister gang of ghostwriters, the nightmare of all Kard’s enemies.

  Read sample chapters and order a print and/or ebook copy here.