Secret Paths Newsletter May 23rd, 2019

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Chimera – out now!

Dear Reader. I have been working on Chimera for a number of years and was looking forward to publishing it this May. Despite difficulties with the publication process, it is now available both in paperback and ebook format. Check it outRemember, a book only makes sense through its readers. Thanks for your interest and support. Alan.

chimera is an organism containing two or more distinct sets of genes and, potentially, several beings in one. Sami and Sam are a chimera, two people in one, a girl and a boy, a leader and healer of people sharing a body with a brilliant but autistic child.

Sam talking to himself on discovering he is one half of a chimera…

:: not being able to speak, to move – such was the price I had to pay – to cut out the chaos and confusion from a world run wild – a raw satisfaction – being barricaded in my head these past twelve years – all for nothing – that blasted girl has ruined everything – surging out of nowhere – pirating my body – bridging the gap between me and the others – letting chaos rush in – beguiling everyone with her codswallop – not me – I’m not impressed – some say she’s destined to be our saviour – as if the block-head could save a fly – I just want her gone

Sami’s first ever words to her teacher and her father…

“I … need … to explain. Words come with … difficulty. I must … be brief. Sam and I are a … chimera … there are two of us… Sam is the boy you know. New things terrify him. He cannot speak … out loud. He stumbles. He falls. I am new. I just awoke. I am a girl. I play piano I talk. I walk. As for that violence you just saw, that was Sam trying to kick me out”

Read sample chapters and order a print and/or ebook copy here.