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Alan McCluskey lives amid the vineyards in a small Swiss village between three lakes and a range of mountains. Nearby, several thousands of years earlier, lakeside villages housed a thriving Celtic community. The ever-present heart-beat of that world continues to fuel his long-standing fascination for magic and fantasy.

Whether it be about Sally, Brent and Keira in The Storyteller’s Quest or Peter, Kaitling and Fi in Boy & Girl or in In Search of Lost Girls, all Alan McCluskey’s novels tell the story of young people who, despite the immense difficulties that abound, discover and develop  their own astounding talents and manage to do the exceptional.

Alan McCluskey has published three YA novels in The Storyteller’s Quest series: The Reaches and The Keeper’s Daughter. and The Starless Square. He has also published Boy & Girl and its sequel In Search of Lost Girls as well as Stories People Tell and Chimera.


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