A new cover text for Boy & Girl


As I prepare In Search of Lost Girls, the sequel to Boy & Girl, for publication, I went back and re-wrote the short description of the earlier book. Here it is:

Boy & Girl

When Peter awakes in the head of a girl, he is both delighted and alarmed that his secret yearnings have become reality. Very quickly, however, his error is apparent; this girl is not him. Kaitling –that’s her name– is twelve years old, like him. She’s the daughter of a magician, a prominent figure in another world. Boy and girl travel back and forth from each other’s minds, but have little time to get acquainted before Kaitling’s island is overrun by warrior priests and she has to flee. At home, a conflict erupts in Peter’s family forcing him to take refuge at a friend’s place. Meanwhile at school, a haughty new girl goads him about his girlishness and, spitting in his face, vows to rid the earth of people like him. The stage seems set for a desperate struggle to survive, but will ingenuity and youthful fervour be enough against folly and fanaticism?

Now would be a good time to read Boy & Girl if you haven’t already done so, before In Search of Lost Girls comes out this Summer. By clicking on Boy & Girl you will not only get access to the first three chapters for free, but you can also see how to buy your copy.

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