In Search of Lost Girls

In Search of Lost Girls

Listen carefully. You can just hear the mournful tolling of a bell over the shuffle of girls’ feet as they traipse to Mass, nursing bruises and numb despair. No one cares. No one is there to stem the torrent of injustice and abuse. They are lost and forgotten.

In another world, the cathedral still reverberates to the melody of angelic voices as the mourners file out, heads bowed, words hushed. If only they knew that the two girls whose music delights them so were really boys in disguise, sanctity would flee in the face of raging indignation. Then a gun shot threatens to put an end to the girls’ lost cause.

The scene is set. The author picks up his pen with trembling fingers and begins to write.  Time to tear Kate and Peter apart. The thought of making her life hell has him dribbling in anticipation. Age is no excuse. He ought to know better. Things rarely turn out as an author expects.

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In Search of Lost Girls, written by Alan McCluskey,  is the sequel to Boy & Girl.

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