More about: Boy & Girl

More about: Boy & Girl

Links to various articles, including extracts, published on Secret Paths about the book.

Girls’ voice. Boys’ voices – Seeing girls singing in St Georges’ Chapel choir during the broadcast of the King’s Christmas speech awakened long-forgotten longings… Including an extract from Boy & Girl. [2022-12-25]

Pretty Boys, Handsome Girls – For the annual International Transgender Day of Visibility, an extract from Boy & Girl about pretty boys and handsome girls. [2020-04-02]

Dressed in Girls’ Clothes – Had Peter, the main character in Boy & Girl, been a girl, wearing a dress or a skirt and top, with those new-fangled tights that were all the rage at the beginning of the 60s, would not have been such a big deal,… [2016-09-16]

The Gender of Clothes –17-year-old Alex published a photo of a t-shirt on Tumblr that proclaimed: Clothes have no gender (1). Underneath Alex wrote, anyone of any gender identity should be able to wear whatever they want without facing discrimination… [2017-03-02]

What Clothes are 20 – “There can be no silence in the language of clothes,” said Soline Anthore Baptiste during a conference about the history of clothing at the Club 44 in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland… [2016-09-28]

Boys and reading – A report underlines the difficulties boys have with reading. It notes, “…there is evidence that the literacy gender gap has been around for some time, with girls outperforming boys for perhaps as long as 60 years.” (…) [2012-07-02]

Editing, editing … – about editing Boy & Girl. [2012-05-01]

Epilogue – ten chapters from the end, writing the epilogue. [2012-04-17]

Ghosting passed a hundred thousand – a short extract from around the hundred-thousand-word mark. [2012-04-13]